Root to Rise is the intersection between self-inquiry (Rooting) and teaching extraordinary yoga classes (Rising). It bridges the gap between your Yoga Teacher Training and teaching extraordinary classes — no matter how much yoga teaching experience you have.

Sheri Fisher | MA, E-RYT 200, RYT 500 Intuitive Life Coach

Nobody can transform chaos and disconnectedness into peace and resonance quite like Sheri Fisher. With her Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology, this E-RYT® 200 and RYT-500 certified yoga teacher and intuitive life coach has broken down her brilliance, showing you the easy path to teaching incredible classes, every time.

Sheri completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2010 and her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2021. She is a coach of coaches, both in yoga and in the wider fitness world. The Root To Rise Yoga Teaching Method is the program she wished she’d had earlier in her yoga teaching journey. With this method, you’ll ground into yourself (root) with a contemplative practice while you grow, expand, blossom, and influence others (rise).

As a yoga teacher, you want to feel supported and connected. No matter where you teach Root to Rise was created for you. We are glad you are here.


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Book: Standing Room Only: How to be THAT Yoga Teacher

Learn the 5 Pillars of Powerful Teaching to continually root yourself IN yourself so you rise as a yoga teacher and bring your students along with you. In paperback (recommended) and as a downloadable ebook, too.

It is rare that a How-To book is as beautifully written as Standing Room Only. This book will not only help you to become a better Yoga teacher, it will help you become a better person. The pillars, so well described by the authors, are applicable not just to Yoga but to life! I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE. You'll come away with wonderful new insights as well as an enhanced sense of your own inner confidence. A must read!

Mary Wright, MA, Certified Enneagram Coach