Become THAT yoga Teacher — not one who emulates someone else — and is an authentic, confident version of YOU!

Do you worry about messing up a sequence while teaching yoga? About cueing in a way that confuses your students? About being exposed as an amateur? Do you have insecurities and negative self talk telling you that you are an imposter?

Would you rather feel confident about teaching extraordinary classes with ease and grace? Feel aligned with your purpose? Feel grounded enough to be able to smile and breathe and be joyful and present — all while teaching? Do you dream of becoming like the teachers who inspire YOU

It’s not unusual to have a crisis of confidence when you take the position at the front of the room. How can you fast track confidence?

Our powerful 216-page guide, Standing Room Only: How to Be THAT Yoga Teacher, gives you MORE knowledge and MORE confidence to quell the negative voices and allow the authentic and unique YOU to arise and emerge.

You’ll be able to immediately download the 5 Pillars of Powerful Teaching that include Communication, Character, Connection, Commitment, and Consideration. Each Pillar provides you what you need to become THE yoga teacher students flock to, the one who feels ready, comfortable and prepared to teach extraordinary yoga classes.

Such an effective framework for upleveling your teaching...this beautiful offering supports you in seeking excellence on the noble path of a yoga teacher.
Gina Caputo
Yoga Teacher Trainer & Wellness Coach
GREAT for Yoga Teacher Training terrific as a supplemental text for yoga teachers in training. It provides concepts, steps, and applications for becoming a "great" yoga instructor.
John Cottrell
PhD, IAYT E-RYT 500, 1000 hour
Save yourself time and money by reading this book....By covering ideas that often aren't talked about in yoga teacher trainings, readers get a framework for long-term success.
Allison Rissel
Founder Yoga Teacher Conf

Hi, I’m Sheri Fisher, Co-Founder of Root to Rise Yoga Teaching Method, and I teach yoga instructors like you the pillars you need to build successful yoga classes. If you’ve been building your yoga classes based on a “have-to” model, Standing Room Only: How to be THAT Yoga Teacher gives you the tools I used to help my class sizes grow as a highly-regarded instructor in Colorado, and later in Utah.

In this guide, I take the guesswork out of teaching so you can create classes with ease, efficiency and an understanding about what your students will connect with. The result? You get the gift of teaching QUALITY CLASSES spent on the things that brought you to teaching yoga in the first place

When you build a yoga class without a foundation of knowledge beyond certification training, the result can be underwhelming. Your desire for growth outpaces your existing training, and you’re not able to grow a loyal following because of it.

This guide is for you if you've felt frustrated while trying to grow as a yoga teacher and want to teach EXTRAORDINARY CLASSES.

Standing Room Only

How to be THAT Yoga Teacher

In this powerful guide, you’ll learn the 5 Pillars of Powerful Teaching, as described by the 5 Cs:

  1. Communication: Effectively communicating with your students.
  2. Character: Setting the tone and feel for the classes you teach.
  3. Connection (including Intuition): Building a community inside and outside the studio, setting up a meditation practice, tuning in and trusting your intuition.
  4. Commitment: Maintaining a high level of commitment to yourself, your students, your fellow teachers, and the studio or fitness facility where you teach.
  5. Consideration: Teaching all students with compassion in diverse and meaningful ways.